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Flight Simulator PC Builds


Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (also called Microsoft Flight Simulator X) was first released on PC in 1982. Released on August 18th 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) is being commended for its realistic simulation & fascinating graphic sequences. It has since become the benchmark on simulator programs with inclusions such intricate scenery, real world weather, and lifelike physics providing realistic simulation and spectacular graphics.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020) Features

  • Up to 30 different aircraft and 40 hand-crafted replica airports. Fly globally with Microsoft-owned Bing Maps to recreate photorealistic versions of buildings and landscapes.
  • Flight Sim features real-world air traffic, which adds to both the realism and the immersive experience.
  • The game aims to recreate a living, breathing world populated with wildlife, vehicles, and foliage featuring over 2 million cities and towns, over 1 billion buildings, and 37,000 real-world airports (including up to 40 handcrafted replica airports).
  • It's a gigantic, awe-inspiring game that is completely immersive.

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020) PC Build & Design

According to Microsoft, Flight Sim 2020 doesn’t not have extensive hardware requirements. A Desktop Computer with Mid Range Quad Core CPU & a nVidia GTX card should be enough to handle the program.

However using a high end GPU is strongly recommended, something around the lines of RTX 2060 Super for 1080p and 2070 Super or 2080 Super for 4K is worth considering.

Precision now offers a custom build range of desktop gaming computers especially designed for the Flight Simulator Platform:

  • Our PC Experts know the hardware requirements of the games and has built-in performance indicators to help you configure your custom gaming PC build online!
  • Simply choose one of the launch configurations below to get you started, and customise it to suit your budgets with high end graphic cards to run the game in  learn what you need to run the game in ultra HD & 4K resolution.

Precision Gaming Desktop PC builds are an ideal platform designed for your flight simulation experience.