Passive Income Generation


Heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other countless names of Crypto currencies?

Not sure on how, where to start this new technology to earn income for yourself?

We help entrepreneurs and investors with budgets starting from few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars to build passive income investment strategies including trading, multi-coin mining, staking, lending.

Using our technical knowledge, partnership and combined experience of over 15 years in Finance, Computer hardware and digital solution, we will have you up and running quickly and efficiently saving you time, costs and mistakes you can avoid during your initial research.

Our crypto consulting solutions includes providing you crypto mining designs and management which can be scaled from small to large operations. We are also a full-service consultancy where we can provide you our deep knowledge and expertise with all things related to crypto currencies. We aim to be your valuable partner in contributing your knowledge in building and maximising your investment. We are only interested in making money with you and not off you.

Our services include fully serviced remotely managed multi crypto mining rigs, Personalised training and education of Crypto market analysis, hardware upgrades, buying& selling services so you can understand the opportunities for profitability of crypto currencies.

Personalised Training and Consultation

  • Storage and Security
  • Hardware crypto wallets
  • Mobile crypto wallets
  • Master nodes, staking, De-Fi

Hardware Research and Profitability

  • Reports of how much revenue, profits and ROI based on your specific hardware and expenses
  • Assembly and installation of GPU, CPU or other mining hardware based on your budget, hardware and electricity costs.
  • Remote management of crypto rigs
  • Software Upgrades and tuning your rigs for maximum profitability.
  • Easy and convenient process, whether you have one or multiple GPU Rigs.

Passive Income Generation Strategies

Multi-Coin Crypto Mining - We help you to design, build, setup and manage multi-coin crypto mining rigs. Gone are the days when Bitcoin could be mined at home. The smart way now is to build and own rigs which mines other crypto currencies and then convert it into Bitcoin. Our advice and setup of mining rigs will help you to mine the most cost effective coins to grow your Bitcoin portfolio.

Masternodes - You can also generate crypto passive income through this setup without any expensive hardware. This kind of setup requires higher investment of the coins itself and technical skills to setup and run the nodes. We help you to save time and costly mistakes by helping you choose the right project and technical knowledge and skills.

POS / Proof of Stake / Staking - This is a new concept where you can earn an interest by holding a certain crypto currency in a wallet which is connected to the blockchain. You can earn interest from anywhere between (1%-10%) of the same crypto tokens by locking it up for a certain time. You are missing out if you own one of these POS tokens and are not stalking.

Trading Bots Setup - If you have been trading crypto currencies for a while and have a solid trading strategy, then setting up a trading bot is the way to go so you can generate trading profits while you work, play and sleep. We help you to build, setup and automate trading bots in the server of your choice.

De-Fi and Open Finance - This is another new concept which is setup to revolutionise the Banking and Finance industry. This technology with the power of blockchain is set to replace intermediaries and brokers. We can help you setup to be your own bank where you can lend and borrow money without any third party.

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