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Precision CAD Workstations (Black Edition)




High Performance - Accelerate your business growth with  better energy efficient performance 

Faster Access - A number of technologies have been added or upgraded to improve I/O bandwidth, gain faster access to commonly used programs and files, allow applications to run faster, increase data throughput, and improve the performance of disc-intensive retrieval applications

Advanced Data and System Security - Built-in, advanced security features help you deflect catastrophic security breaches, and redundant storage capabilities protect your business data in the event of a hard drive failure.

24/7 Reliability - The Intel® Xeon® processor platform is built for all day, every day reliability. Centralized data backup and critical security updates further help reduce the risk of costly downtime.

Built to Scale - The Platform based on Intel® Xeon® processor gives you the reliability you need today with plenty of room to grow for tomorrow. Increase your storage and networking capacity seamlessly.

ECC Ram Technology — It can reliably detect and correct these errors, reducing the odds of memory corruption due to “single bit errors” down

Enterprise Storage - Offering lower power consumption over the long-term, with increased performance, Sensors reduce the effects of vibration on the drive, helping prevent RAID failure, The possibility of an read/write data error is diminished. Not only is an enterprise drive stronger, many feature technology such as Error Correction Code (ECC), which checks data for errors (and corrects them) during read/write cycles

80+ Gold Power Supply Units - Provides Energy Saving, will reduce building cooling loads, provides improved Power Quality – higher power factor reduces current draw, which means stability when you using high performance components. It offers reduced heat output and increases computer system reliability by up to 40%