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CryptoLocal Academy


I am sure you have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by now and you are looking for ways to make money with this new asset class? The internet is full of information. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of knowledge and a drought of wisdom out there. We are here to help you start your journey into this brave new world to take control and advantage for yourself to a path of financial freedom.


I have been active as an investor and miner in the crypto industry since 2014. Being a Computer Engineer and an experienced, qualified Financial Planner for over a decade has helped me understand and explore this industry earlier than most of us.

I thought I was smart enough to learn it on my own, and then I lost thousands of dollars and spent many months of my time learning what I need to know to make profit-making decisions. So there were times I wished if there was someone who could teach me the basics to avoid mistakes and speed up my learning curve.

There is an unlimited amount of information you can learn about the crypto ecosystem, and it can feel overwhelming at first. All the information you need is available on the internet, but you often find it hard to find the knowledge you need to know to make profit-making decisions with your money.

I have written a series of Crypto Posts and books which can help you to kickstart your Crypto Journey @

CryptoLocal HUB Blogs & Community Articles 

Precision Crypto Mining Rigs & eBooks

Client reviews at CryptoLocal Profile

I am here to help you navigate by teaching you the basics about earning cryptocurrencies while you do it yourself!

What can you expect at the first meet?

  • Help me to understand and find the best way to help you achieve your Crypto goals.
  • Find out if I am the right Crypto coach for YOU. 

You can look at our Learn & Earn Crypto Package as a gateway to the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Do you want to know

  • How to choose the best crypto exchanges for you to buy & sell?
  • How to make high-quality decisions on choosing the best crypto investment?
  • How to earn active and passive crypto income?
  • How to secure and protect your digital assets?
  • How to save money & time by learning and avoiding our mistakes?
  • How to build & manage a crypto mining rig?
  • How to mine profitable cryptocurrencies?
  • How to create a crypto investing, mining and trading Strategy?
  • How to create strategies and setup a SMSF for a Crypto portfolio. 

You Will Get

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency Course 
  • Upto 3 hours Private Consultation
  • Crypto Books and Resources Package
  • Our eBook subscription package
  • Crypto Quiz to test your knowledge
  • Earn $50 in Crypto at the end of the program


Are you looking to learn about the fast-growing investing world of digital assets but don't have time to spend hours researching?

Or do you have time but don't know where to start?

Ditch that overwhelming experience and learn about the exciting world of cryptocurrency in an easy, engaging way.

Our VIP Crypto Coaching experience is designed to help people who want to accelerate their learning curve. This hands-on experience helps anyone who wants to learn the best crypto strategy for their circumstances and then learn to do it themselves. 



 What are Social Workshops?

  • Private workshop with miners and investors of related cryptocurrencies.
  • Interactive Group learning experience
  • Space in which you can feel comfortable to grow and learn with like-minded individuals

Social workshops are for those who want to

  • Meet people who are taking their Crypto journey.
  • Take time to learn and invest in your education.
  • Learn strategies to avoid mistakes and make profits.
  • Share their tips and knowledge to help the community.

Join our waiting list with your details, and we will inform you of the following available dates. 


  • How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Crypto in Australia
  • 9 Legitimate Ways to Earn Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in Australia
  • Tips on How to Invest and Build a Solid Bitcoin & Crypto Portfolio
  • How to use Dollar-Cost Averaging for your Bitcoin and Crypto Portfolio in Australia
  • How Much Should I Invest to Be a Crypto Millionaire
  • Checklist for Crypto in Super (SMSF) and Taxes
  • Tax Saving Strategies for Crypto Investments
  • How to Secure Your Digital Assets