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At Precision Computers, we specialise in raid data recovery from Platforms including Acer, HP, Dell, and IBM. We can handle raid array data recovery from drives including IDE, SATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI, FC hard drives.

The use of VMs - Virtual Machines or (VMFS) Virtual Machine File Systems is becoming very popular in the current enterprise world. At Precision Data Recovery our Engineers can conduct Virtual Machine data recovery and retrieve data from any type of Virtual Server Machine. We can provide VMware Data Recovery, Citrix / Xen Data Recovery, Microsoft Hyper-V Data Recovery, Oracle VM (Virtual Machine) Data recovery, Virtual Box Data recovery and more.

With most machines utilisation one or the form of Hard Drive Raid System, it in increases the complexity in the way the data is stored physically on the hard drives. Virtual machine data loss can happen in case of Raid a Failure and oftentimes is gets more critical increasing the cost of data recovery.

Our engineers can help with Data Recovery from Raid Configurations such as Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10 and Fusion Drives. They could be part on internal Server disk array or an external raid set setup as a NAS Unit. We can recover data from large raid sets where volumes spread over multiple drives.


Our Raid recovery experts have the highest level of technical expertise and in-depth knowledge in all types of Virtual machines, Virtual server structures, RAID configurations and Operating systems. The engineers are experienced and have handled an extensive amount of virtual machine failures and can assist with yours data loss solution

  • Data Recovery on Single Drive Failure in a Raid Set
  • Data Recovery on Multiple Drive Failure in a Raid Set
  • Recovery on Data Volume spread over multiple drives (Striped Set)
  • Data Recovery on drives due Failure due to Raid Controller Card
  • Data Loss due to Power Loss or Physical damage (Fire or Water)
  • Data Loss due to Raid Controller Board Failure
  • Firmware Corruption to Raid Controller or Disk Drives


The safety of your data is very important to us and we take all precautions and rigorous measures to ensure the highest level of data security.

  • If your hard drive(s) require repairs and needs to disassembled, all physical hard drive recovery procedures get executed inside our clean room facility in order to protect it from contaminants and dust.  
  • In case of the VMware Recovery, Our engineers through each and every layer of the VMDK files, address the corruption on the Virtual Server Data, attempt repairs and recover the entire Virtual Machine which is then provided on an external media that will allow your IT Team to import on your Server or NAS Hardware.
  • In the event the VMDK files have significant damage and are not likely to mount, our Data Recovery Engineers can offer an NTFS extraction data recovery, which will result in providing your data in accessible on any Windows System based Machine.
  • Our labs can conduct a SQL Database Data Recovery or Recover the entire volume if needed.

No matter how complicated the situation is our Data Recovery Team has a solution.

  • Our raid data recovery services are designed to restore and recover your data in the safest, fastest and cost effective way.
  • Our engineer's long term industry experience combined with cutting edge technology and robust data recovery solutions ensures that your virtual machine as well as your critical data is in very capable hands.
  • They can quickly identify the problem(s) affecting your media and apply the best suited solution to extract the files and data that you need and get your virtual machine servers back up and running in the most cost effective way.
  • If you are experiencing a virtual machine failure and data loss, do not try to run any utility programs in an attempt to recover the data. This can lead to additional damage and may cause permanent data loss.
  • Messing around with a failed Raid Drives is hardly ever a good idea and absolutely not recommended if critical data is involved.

In most data loss cases the data is still recoverable and the best probability of full recovery is always at the first retrieval attempt. It is best if you turn off and plug out your system.  



Raid Data Recovery costs can be quite expensive depending on the type of Raid Array and the techniques deployed to recover the data. There is usually an upfront evaluation costs to rebuild or simulate the raid configuration in our laboratory. This evaluation fee is then deducted from the final quote once the customer decides to proceed.

We understand the importance of data to your business and we can provide a priority data recovery service if the matter is very urgent. A fee applies if the customer wishes to opt for speeding the data recovery process.

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