Custom Starter Gaming PC


Begin your gaming journey with Precision Computers' custom-built starter gaming PCs, designed to provide an affordable entry into the world of gaming without compromising on quality or performance. Whether you're a casual gamer or a beginner looking to dive into the gaming realm, our budget-friendly gaming PCs offer the perfect solution. Locally built and supported in Brisbane, our systems are crafted with precision and care to meet your gaming needs.

  • Custom-built to your specifications, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
  • A fully upgradeable design allows for easy expansion and future-proofing.
  • Locally assembled in Brisbane, Australia, ensuring quality craftsmanship and support.
  • Finance options are available through humm, making it easier to purchase your dream gaming PC.
  • Comprehensive 5-year technical support ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Experience the following benefits with our custom-built starter gaming PCs:

  • Affordable pricing allows you to enter the gaming world without breaking the bank.
  • Custom-built design tailored to your gaming preferences and specifications.
  • Fully upgradeable system allows for future expansions and enhancements.
  • Local support and expertise ensure prompt assistance and reliable service.
  • Finance options are available for convenient and flexible payment solutions.

Our custom-built starter gaming PCs are ideal for:

  • Casual gamers looking for an affordable gaming solution.
  • Beginners entering the gaming world for the first time.
  • Gamers on a budget who still demand quality and performance.
  • Individuals seeking locally supported gaming systems with reliable technical assistance.
  • Those who want the flexibility to upgrade and expand their gaming setup as they progress.