Share & Stock Trading PC


Are you in search of a Brisbane-based, custom-built desktop PC designed to your specifications? Look no further. At Precision Computers, we've been crafting custom computers since 1993, bringing over 30 years of experience to the table. Our Share & Stock Trading PCs are perfect for those who require multi-monitor setups for stock trading, crypto trading platforms, and data analysis.

Our Share & Stock Trading PCs are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and flexibility. They come equipped with NVIDIA® NVS™ graphics boards, setting a new standard for multi-display commercial graphics. Here's what makes our systems stand out:

  • NVIDIA Mosaic Technology: Seamlessly span your taskbar and scale applications across up to eight displays, providing an immersive trading experience.
  • High-Definition Video Technology: Enjoy sharp, clear visuals with high-quality scaling, de-interlacing, and precise image scaling for both SD and HD video content.
  • nView Desktop Management Software: Take control of your workspace with intuitive software that maximizes productivity, providing a visual overview of your entire workspace.

When you choose Precision Computers, you benefit from:

  • Manufacturers (~3 Years) Parts Warranty: Rest easy knowing your investment is protected.
  • 5-Year Priority Technical Support: Our team is here to assist you when you need it most.
  • 5-Year Design Defect Warranty: We stand behind the quality and design of our systems.
  • Complimentary Annual Service: Keep your PC running smoothly with our annual service.
  • Advance RA / Loan Replacements: Minimise downtime with advance replacements.
  • Remote Login Tech Support: Get quick assistance without leaving your desk.

Our Share & Stock Trading PCs are tailored for traders who demand precision and power. Whether you're a stock trader, crypto enthusiast, or data analyst, our systems provide the multi-monitor capabilities needed for in-depth financial analysis. With Precision Computers, you can rely on Brisbane's trusted custom PC builder to enhance your trading experience.

Photo by AlphaTradeZone:

Photo by AlphaTradeZone: