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Apple Mac Data Recovery Service Brisbane

Computers are critical in the modern world for storing important business information and cherished personal memories. This means that when an iMac or MacBook stops working our entire lives can be thrown off track. That where Precision Computers comes in. We offer professional and affordable Mac data recovery services for the whole Brisbane area. No matter what is stored on your Apple Mac computer, you can trust Precision Computers to get your data back to you.

Common Apple Mac Problems Causing Data Loss

Some of the common problems that can cause data loss in MacBooks and iMacs include:

  • Physical damage - dropping or otherwise damaging a MacBook. Usually the only damage is a cracked case, however it is possible that a drop can damage the internal components of the MacBook, stopping you from turning it on and accessing your data
  • Logical failure - when the Mac’s drive is mechanically sound but can’t be read by the computer. Often caused by corrupted or damaged files, viruses, and accidental reformatting.
  • Power Surge - if your Apple Mac doesn’t have surge protection then a sudden surge of electricity (such as a lightning strike) could damage the components in your computer, including the drive.
  • Water damage - when the Mac has been in contact with water. Water can damage the electrical components, possibly leading to data loss if not handled correctly

If you believe your iMac or MacBook has been damaged in any way, DO NOT CONTINUE USING IT. Further usage may damage the drive and lead to further data loss. Contact us and we will recover your priceless data.

How We Can Recover Your Data

Precision Computers sets the industry standard affordable data recovery services in Brisbane. Our experienced local computer technicians are well trained in data recovery, and we have a record of success. If you have lost your data or you think that your Apple Mac might be at risk, then do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation and quote.

We at Precision Computers pride ourselves on being punctual and timely with our Mac data recovery service. We aim to recover every bit of lost data quickly and efficiently so that our customers can get back up to speed as soon as possible. Our seasoned technicians understand how vital it is to remain in possession of your Mac’s data, and will work tirelessly to ensure your data is recovered at the soonest possible time.


IMPORTANT (PLEASE NOTE): We would request Clients requesting Data Recovery for Apple iMac (especially the later models with Thin Screens to supply us the Hard Drive Only. (Apple Stores will remove them if would like to get the data recovered for your peace of mind.


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