Why Precision ?

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Precision Scientific Technology (PST) also known as PRECISION COMPUTERS is a Queensland based IT company and a leading manufacturer & distributor of personal computers and computer peripherals. Established in 1993, PST is a government endorsed supplier under the G.I.T.C agreement of Q-788 and has enjoyed a steady and manageable growth. In the evolving market of Information Technology, innovation, timing and quality are essential factors for success.


Precision Computers & Data Recovery Centre Established in 1993 is Brisbane based and specialises in manufacturing custom built high performance Desktop Computers backed with unrivalled backup support and warranty.

We supply and support desktop computers throughout Australia via our Partner Alliance Program. Our Range includes Desktop Computers, Business Servers, CAD & Graphic Workstations, Gaming Computers and All In One PC.  

Systems are designed by Qualified Engineers, Built to Vendor Specification using certified components and are Platform Confidence Tested.

The two convenient branches located at Mount Gravatt (South side) & Geebung (North side) will allow the customer to experience a fully decked service centre for all makes of computer hardware with dedicated support staff. Our qualified engineers are experienced in doing component level repair and getting most out of your existing equipment at a reasonable price. 

Our Data Recovery Centre features a state of art laboratory using the latest hardware, software and forensic data recovery techniques aiming to provide data recovery at the lowest price without compromising the quality. 

Other services include Managed Services, Remote Support, E-Commerce Solutions, Project Management and Internet Marketing.

Precision Computer Finance Division can assist customers obtain finance for products and services. Finance arrangements are available to individuals and business customers. 

Precision Computers offers a one stop shop for all your IT solutions. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 


  • Solutions designed by Qualified Engineers
  • Built to Vendor Specification as per the hardware compatibility list (HCL)
  • We DO-NOT Mix & Match components to achieve a lower price
  • Thermally Advantaged Design to Ensure Sufficient Cooling Environment
  • Acoustically designed Chassis (Cases) for Low Noise Operation
  • System designs Platform Confidence Tested to ensure reliability and performance
  • Designed and Tested Platforms that can be customised to your requirement


Precision Computers Knowledge Base is a self-serve online library featuring things you need to know about your product or service. It puts an information library in one easily accessible place. So it’s at everyone’s fingertips, all the time. The Knowledge Base simplifies everything from troubleshooting to training.  It covers Technical Support & General How-To and Support questions

It includes targeted articles that address the questions people want answered. It is one of our services to provide technical support and keep our clients happy and satisfied. The knowledge base is available, self-serve, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Through our Knowledge Base we aim to provide Consistent Service,  No confusion. No Missteps and Higher resolution rates at first contact. It’s an easy-to-use, self-serve way to resolve issues fast. 

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  • We offer an extensive range of world class data recovery hardware and software solutions for the repair of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and recovery of data from failed disk drives in laptops and desktops, USB flash, Solid state disk, servers, RAID array and external drives
  • With our current investment in technology, tools and experience we can recover your Data at the Lowest Cost.
  • We offer these services from our Data Recovery Service Laboratory based in Brisbane.


At Precision Computers our web based help desk has been a key factor in providing immediate help to any number of customers. In this rapid day and age of instant gratification, easy and quick accessibility is a must. 

Our 24/7 online support portal is there to provide customer service with the aim to eliminate the gap between a customer having a problem and them getting it fixed. We aim to make this process as painless as possible.

The help desk contains a knowledge base and covers frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on our experience in the last 25 years. This cuts down on wait time for our customers. 

Our Help Desk Portal is optimised for Smartphone and Tablet PC so the solutions are available for customers when they need it. They can immediately research their issue on our knowledge base or support portal no matter where they are. If that doesn’t help, they can submit a Support Ticket in no time flat to request a contact with the support engineer.

It is one of our many ways to provide customer care and after sales support nationwide. 

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Desktop Computer Servicing is an important part to keep your investment running in an efficient manner. It also prolongs the life of the components reducing the total cost of operation over the life cycle of the product. We have now introduced a new service to all our clients who invest in Precision Desktop Computer of Workstation which includes the a Complimentary Annual Hardware Service in the first twelve months of purchase. This service is available to our local customers as it needs to be conducted in our service centres. The Hardware Service includes full component checkup. cleaning of all fans & filters and a full system tine worth $190 (RRP). This is one of the many other advantages of investing in a Precision PC.

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Precision Computers offers Pickup / Return Warranty for Business Customers through the Premium Cover Program available as an option. 
  • An additional extended warranty period of up to Three extra years. 
  • All replacement Parts & Labour Costs covered. 


EXCLUSIVE “NO LEMON” GUARANTEE – We recognise that not every manufactured piece of equipment is 100% perfect, 100% of the time. Since our customers should expect to receive a perfectly working system they’ve invested in, we offer a “No - Lemon - Guarantee" on all our manufactured desktop computer systems. If the system was to have a major hardware fault within the first 30 days of system purchase, we will simply replace the whole system rather than conducting a repair on it. The only condition we place is that you retain all original packaging for the first 30 days of system purchase. If you’ve ever bought a “lemon” before, you’ll truly appreciate our commitment to your long-term satisfaction.

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