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Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service Brisbane

Mobile phones are critical in the modern world for storing important business information and cherished personal memories. This means that when a phone stops working our entire lives can be thrown off track. That where Precision Computers comes in. We offer professional and affordable phone data recovery services for the whole Brisbane area. No matter what is stored on your phone, you can trust Precision Computers to get your data back to you.

We specialize in recovering data from damaged or faulty Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices, in Samsung Galaxy Phones and other Smart Phones. If your mobile phone has stopped working, suffered accidental damage including water damage, we can still recover your precious data.

Functional Mobile Phone Data Recovery: We utilise proprietary software to access the operating system on the mobile phone / iPhone to conduct data recovery if the phone is still operational.

Dead or Broken Mobile Phone Data Recovery: If your phone no longer works, we can the help you recover the files, photos and videos using hardware techniques such as chip extraction method in our Brisbane data recovery services lab. At Precision Data Recovery we perform complex JTAG extraction methods, Chip-Off procedures and JSP methods in case of complex data recoveries.

Evaluation is conducted on all mobile phones / iPhone for Data Recovery. However if parts are required or the chip extraction method is involved then a charge is applicable in order to commence data recovery protocol. The chances of data recovery can only be analysed once the memory chips are accessible.

With damage to devices ranging from water damage to physically broken, mobile devices, because of their compact size present a more complex set of recovery procedures. Even in the most extreme cases of destruction there are greater possibilities of recovering information stored on your mobile device.

Android Data Recovery For Phones & Tablets

Precision Data Recovery Labs provide Android data recovery using the latest Android data scanning technologies. Our recovery protocols support most Android devices and are successful in recovering most file types such as photos & messages. The Android data recovery process facilitates in recovering deleted or lost contacts, messages, photos, music and videos.

Common Scenarios For Software-based Android Data Recovery includes:

  • Accidental Deletion
  • System Crash
  • Forgotten Password
  • SD Card Issue
  • Rooting Error
  • ROM Flashing
  • Damaged
  • Not Responding
  • Black Screen

Android data recovery protocol is effective on broken Samsung phones and tablets, including the Galaxy S & Galaxy Note series and phones from reputed manufacturers including Google, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei & Microsoft.

Apple iPhone iPod & iPad Data Recovery

Recover Lost or Deleted Data including photos, call log or messages from your broken iPhone or iOS device.

  • Data recovery after an iOS system issues or iOS update.
  • Accidental deletion of your photos, videos, messages, notes, or call history
  • Water Damaged iPhone Data Recovery
  • Stuck on a black screen or suffered a malware attack
  • Data recovery from an iPhone stuck on the white Apple logo

If your data has disappeared due to a factory reset on your iPhone, it is still possible to regain the data from an iTunes/iCloud backup.


We utilise the most up to date methods to recover data stored on mobile devices and tablets including Mobile phones, Tablet PC, Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface Pro, Android devices including Samsung Galaxy, Windows phones and other Smart phones. We have affordable data recovery techniques to retrieve information including lost/deleted pictures, videos, text messages and emails

  • Our Engineers can assist in recovering data from the following scenarios 
  • Recovering data from a mobile phone that has suffered an impact or has been dropped.
  • Recovering accidentally deleted data, photos and video from your mobile phone.
  • Mobile Phone Recovery being stuck in boot loop, download or recovery mode after a software update.
  • Smart Phone Recovery from mobile devices that will not power on.
  • Date Recovery from phones that have a cracked or smashed screen or will not power /charge.
  • Recovering information from phones suffering water or liquid damage or has broken connectors.
  • Corrupted operating system ~ No longer working after software update or a failed update.

If you believe your phone has been damaged in any way, DO NOT CONTINUE USING IT. Further usage may damage the drive and lead to further data loss. Contact us and we will recover your priceless data.



Precision Computers sets the industry standard affordable data recovery services in Brisbane. Our experienced local computer technicians are well trained in data recovery, and we have a record of success. If you have lost your data or you think that your phone might be at risk, then do not hesitate to contact us for an evaluation and quote.


We inspect your device and assess the extent of damage, if the device can be booted using software techniques – we will then present you with a quote and you can then decide if you would like to pursue with the data recovery process

  • The device must "Power On" in order to conduct an Evaluation & attempt a Logical Data Recovery. 
  • Password / Pin Code / Pass Code is required otherwise Data cannot be Recovered. 
  • If the Mobile Phone has been disabled by the Manufacturer then the Data cannot be recovered. 
  • Industry Leading Software Solutions is used as part of Evaluation to recover your data. 
  • Once the data image has been created we will provide a Quote and you can then decide whether to proceed or not. 


In most cases the phone will be dismantled as we perform component level work on the PCB. The phone may be destroyed in the process and will void your warranty. Please advise us beforehand if you intend to pursue a warranty claim. 

  • If the product is physically damaged, It may need a bypass repair or chip extraction in order to attempt data recovery. We need to get the product temporary functional before determining the chances & success of data recovery. 
  • We will advise on the costs involved to proceed to the next step.
  • Once the Data Image has been obtained, we will then provide a Quote to Recover Your Data based on the Results.
  • You now have a Choice to Proceed or Decline. 
  • Once we have your approval we will endeavour to complete the data recovery process & transfer the files to an external storage media

Important: Pin or Password is required for data recovery. We may also require your Apple ID and Password in special circumstances, we will keep this information strictly confidential and you should change your password right after our work is completed.

Please Note: We do not fix mobile phones our aim is to use bypass techniques and provide temporary repair to get the phone function so we can recover your data. Please check with the manufacturer regarding their policy regarding warranty as some manufacturers may void the warranty if the phone is disassembled for data recovery in order to access the flash memory.


Unfortunately Data Recovery being a complex process can turn out be an expensive exercise. It is difficult to quote without assessing the device. It can be as low as $195 for jobs that require simple data recovery from operational mobile phones to a lot more for Complex Data Recovery for damaged phones.

Class 1 $195 - $495 Jobs with Deleted Data (Photos, Videos & Messages)
Class 2 $195 - $495 Failed Updates, System Corruption or Boot Issues
Class 3 $395 - $995 Screen Damage, PCB Repairs, Chip Extraction Complex Data Reconstruction.
Class 4 POA Forensic Phone Recovery & Data Reconstruction



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