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Computer & Laptop Repairs Brisbane North & South

We repair all brands of notebooks and notebooks at an affordable price with expert service.

Brisbane PC Repairs - We repair all laptops and PC models including but not limited to Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Samsung etc. We repair both old and new machines.

Precision Computers is a local PC repair and solutions serving Brisbane residents and small businesses. We offer both mobile and IT repair service as well as a workshop service.

We will keep you informed throughout our repair process so that there are no unexpected and unpleasant surprises when you receive your invoice.

Parts to be repaired or replaced will be purchased on your behalf only once we have your permission to do so.

Ask about things you don't understand and learn how to get the most out of your computer and know to look after your PC better in the future.

First of all, we deliver to fix the problem your PC or Mac is having. Our friendly and professional PC professionals have decades of combined experience and will surely fix or diagnose precisely what is wrong with your PC, MAC.

Being experts in our fields, it doesn't take long for our technicians to figure out what your computer is worried about. So bring us your computer and feel the difference in its performance.


System troubleshooting - We are experts in problem-solving - we have the tools and knowledge to deal with thousands of bugs and errors.

New Computer Configuration - We will help you set up your new computer, transfer files from your old machine, and connect it to your existing printer and Internet connection.

Computer & Laptop Upgrades – Need for memory or disk storage…..

Backup plans -Our backup plans are the best way to back up your files and prevent them from being damaged or lost.

Wifi networks - Complete installation or a complete overhaul of your wifi network and router/s to suit your needs, at home or in the office.

Windows and Mac optimization - Your computer needs as regular a tune-up as your car. Tune-up makes your computer work well and improves its performance. It will remove all annoying and useless software programs and significantly improve your performance. We can completely clean and optimize your PC or Mac and get it working like new again.

Computer updates - Advice and installation of spare parts and service to increase the speed, capacity and capacity of your Desktop PC or Laptop.

Virus and Malware Removal - We scan your computer and remove all traces of the malware. We will also make sure your existing malware protection is up to date and working properly

Most virus removal services are generally based on a single scan. An antivirus scan generally means that not all traces of the malware are removed. Therefore, malware can reappear.

Our experts can lock and protect your computer from the risk of infection, data loss, or identity theft with comprehensive and affordable software.

  • Repair any operating system problems caused by the virus
  • Perform critical operating system updates
  • Your operating system will then be thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality.
  • Install or update Internet security software

Your computer most likely "caught" the virus online or from an email attachment. The best protection against this in the future is up-to-date internet security software. We will verify if you already have internet security software installed; If it does, we will update it and make sure it works properly and if it doesn't, we'll install it for you.


You will be requiring a computer insurance claim report when you make an insurance claim for your damaged laptop, PC. Most of the time, the insurer (not you) pays for the cost of the computer or laptop damage report.

We charge a flat fee of $ 150 (remember that your insurance provider must pay this fee, not you) to provide you with a top-notch computer insurance claim report that provides all the necessary information that your insurer will need to process your claim from safe.

The PC/ laptop insurance claim report will also include the cost of data recovery if necessary.

A typical desktop or laptop damage report for an insurance claim is about 2-3 pages long.

We will need your computer for a period of 1 to 2 days for a comprehensive test and evaluation in order to provide you with a complete report of your insurance claim

Computer or Laptop damage report

We will diagnose for any related failures found in your device. This may involve the complete disassembly of your Mac or PC laptop or desktop. Every hardware component of your PC will be tested and identified for any faults.

We will provide you with a report that indicates the probable cause of the damage suffered, be it a power surge, a liquid spill, an impact with a hard surface, etc. happens that it is the motherboard, screen/display panel, hard drive, etc., which has suffered damage (and is identified as requiring replacement) will be detailed. The estimated replacement cost for each component, along with the estimated cost of labour required to complete this repair job will also be detailed on the insurance report.

We will include the estimated cost of repair, along with the availability of spare parts and the time to complete will determine whether we recommend that your insurer repair or replace your computer.

This report will then determine whether we recommend that your insurer repair or replace your computer. We make sure of the quality of this service and the report we provide you.

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