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Precision Computers (Brisbane) now celebrating 25 Years in business has been providing quality data recovery services since 1993 using the most cost effective techniques and state of art equipment, High Success Rate of 98% at a Low Cost. 

We provide data recovery through our local Brisbane based lab on all storage devices including hard drives, flash cards, tablets & mobile phones. 

Some of the common problems that can cause data loss in Hard Disk Drives include:

  • Mechanical failure - when the Hard Drive’s physical components are damaged. Usually caused by a motor failure or head crash. Often produces clicking, scratching or grinding noises, and fails to turn on or be read by the computer
  • Logical failure - when the Hard Drive is mechanically sound but is still not working. Often caused by corrupted or damaged files, viruses, and accidental reformatting.
  • Power Surge - if your computer doesn’t have surge protection then a sudden surge of electricity (such as a lightning strike) could damage the components in your computer, including the hard drive.
  • Water damage - when the hard drive is submerged in water. Will most likely damage the electronic components on the Hard Drive, but will not necessarily destroy the data. ATTEMPTING TO DRY THE HARD DRIVE MAY LEAD TO CORROSION AND DATA LOSS. Place the drive in an airtight bag and contact us for help instead.
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USB Flash Drive Logical Data Recovery: Data can easily get corrupted on USB flash drives, the common symptoms could show errors as:

  • USB Flash Drive not being recognised by your PC or Laptop
  • Accidentally Deleted or Overwritten
  • Accidentally Formatted the USB Drive
  • Error stating “Drive needs Formatting”
  • Message stating “Drive Not Found”
  • USB Flash Drive reporting wrong size
  • Data being listed but not accessible
  • Data files corrupted and only showing ASCII Symbols
  • Bent, Broken, Damaged USB Flash Drives
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Some of the common problems that can cause data loss in MacBooks and iMacs include:

  • Physical damage - dropping or otherwise damaging a MacBook. Usually the only damage is a cracked case, however it is possible that a drop can damage the internal components of the MacBook, stopping you from turning it on and accessing your data
  • Logical failure - when the Mac’s drive is mechanically sound but can’t be read by the computer. Often caused by corrupted or damaged files, viruses, and accidental reformatting.
  • Power Surge - if your Apple Mac doesn’t have surge protection then a sudden surge of electricity (such as a lightning strike) could damage the components in your computer, including the drive.
  • Water damage - when the Mac has been in contact with water. Water can damage the electrical components, possibly leading to data loss if not handled correctly
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Has your  SD Memory Card - "Stopped Working? Not being detected? Accidentally Deleted Photos / Videos? Suffered Damage?"

We can recover your valuable data from Memory Sticks. SD, Compact Flash (CF) , MicroSD, SDHC, XD  and other types of memory cards from all leading brand manufacturers. 

Flash card is a kind of storage device that makes use of Flash Memory technology to store data. This kind of card has been widely used in digital devices like digital camera, cell phone, music player. compact flash (CF) card, mmc card, SD card, Memory stick and XD card are all flash cards. Though flash card is a convenience for digital data storage, it is still hard to avoid data loss problem. Flash card data can be lost due to system error, accidental deletion, mishandling, virus infection or other reasons such as Physical Damage or NAND chip failure.

Some of the common problems that can cause data loss in SD Flash Card include:

  • Logical failure - when the SD Flash Card seems to be working but can’t be read by the computer. Often caused by corrupted or damaged files.
  • Power Surge - if your computer doesn’t have surge protection then a sudden surge of electricity (such as a lightning strike) could damage the components in your computer, including the SD Card.
  • Water damage - when the SD Card been in contact with water. Water can damage the electrical components, possibly leading to data loss if not handled correctly.
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Although they are resilient and can handle environmental impacts, such as shock, temperature and physical vibration, SSD data is still susceptible to electrical damage, firmware corruption and controller failure. Three common types of flash/SSD failures are user error and environmental influences, electronics component failure, and system area corruption. 


A file system defines the internal data organisation format on an SSD. File system also controls the access to both the metadata and contents of a file that exists in SSD as an entity. Data loss in SSD drives can happen due to the following reasons.

  • File system failure on SSD
  • Corruption of SSD data due to virus or malware
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Irregularities in Flash translation layer(FTL) of SSD
  • SSD data corruption due to power outages

We use advanced SSD data recovery tools that employs a search algorithm to look out for the previous existing file systems and consequentially determines the physical address of previously existing content and the metadata. Hence it recovers the data by establishing a new file system for the orphaned data which helps in reconstruction of the file system.


  • Hardware malfunction on an SSD occurs when there is a physical damage or a functional failure in the internal circuitry of the SSD.
  • SSD’s are made of NAND flash memory; these components are similar to the ones used in USB flash drive. Chip extraction involves removing the main memory component of the SSD that is NAND flash chips from the PCB board and connect it to a donor board.
  • The other techniques may involve repairing or reconstructing the damaged hardware components and replacing them to make the SSD accessible by the data recovery equipment.
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Our Raid recovery experts have the highest level of technical expertise and in-depth knowledge in all types of Virtual machines, Virtual server structures, RAID configurations and Operating systems. The engineers are experienced and have handled an extensive amount of virtual machine failures and can assist with yours data loss solution

  • Data Recovery on Single Drive Failure in a Raid Set
  • Data Recovery on Multiple Drive Failure in a Raid Set
  • Recovery on Data Volume spread over multiple drives (Striped Set)
  • Data Recovery on drives due Failure due to Raid Controller Card
  • Data Loss due to Power Loss or Physical damage (Fire or Water)
  • Data Loss due to Raid Controller Board Failure
  • Firmware Corruption to Raid Controller or Disk Drives
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We utilise the most up to date methods to recover data stored on mobile devices and tablets including Mobile phones, Tablet PC, Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface Pro, Android devices including Samsung Galaxy, Windows phones and other Smart phones. We have affordable data recovery techniques to retrieve information including lost/deleted pictures, videos, text messages and emails

  • Our Engineers can assist in recovering data from the following scenarios 
  • Recovering data from a mobile phone that has suffered an impact or has been dropped.
  • Recovering accidentally deleted data, photos and video from your mobile phone.
  • Mobile Phone Recovery being stuck in boot loop, download or recovery mode after a software update.
  • Smart Phone Recovery from mobile devices that will not power on.
  • Date Recovery from phones that have a cracked or smashed screen or will not power /charge.
  • Recovering information from phones suffering water or liquid damage or has broken connectors.
  • Corrupted operating system ~ No longer working after software update or a failed update.
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We offer an extensive range of world class data recovery hardware and software solutions for the repair of failed Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and handle all Brands & Models including Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Western Digital, Quantum, Samsung for Hard Disk Data Recovery 

"Is Your Data Critical ? Trust Our 25+ Year Experience"  

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Don’t despair if your computer, laptop or Mac has a failed hard drive, if your USB drive has stopped working or SD card has got corrupted – it is still likely that data recovery is possible and that we can retrieve your valuable data files and invaluable family photos for you using effective data recovery techniques.  


We are able to recover more data from more failures due to our experience and investment in the latest technology. If you have experienced Accidental deleted Data Files, Corrupted Data, File Corruption, Data Volume issues from Hard drives , USB flash drives , SD cards or any other storage media.  We can successfully conduct a  file recovery, Restore lost photos, Restore deleted files economically using proprietary software techniques for a cost effective result. 

RECOVERY SCENARIOS: Recover Accidentally Deleted Files; Recover Files that got Overwritten; Virus or Malware corrupted/deleted File Recovery; Formatted Disk Drive Recovery; Recover Files after an Update; Corrupted windows file system causing boot issues; Incorrect shutdown caused data loss;


RECOVERY SCENARIOS: Dropped Hard Disk Drives Recovery; Clicking Noises, Beeping or Not Spinning Hard Drives Recovery; Bent or Broken USB Flash Drives or SD Cards Data Recovery; Burnt PCB or Damaged Components on Storage Media; Recover data after Firmware Corruption; Sticking Heads or Drive Motor not Spinning Repairs; Hard Drives with Grinding Noise & Crashed Heads or Platter Damage.; Device damage & Lost Data due to Water or Fire Damage


  • Recover Deleted Data & Files from Hard Drives, Flash Cards & External Drives
  • Recover File & Data Recovery from Hard Drives, Flash Cards & USB Drives
  • Recover Data From Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive, SD Cards or USB Drives
  • Partition (Damaged, Deleted, Corrupted) Data Recovery Specialists.


  • Choosing Precision Data Recovery Lab ensures you the "Best Results" - We have invested in state of art equipment from companies such ACE Labs & Dolphin Data to maximise our results.
  • The Chief Engineer holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science Engineering from Queensland University of Technology specialising in Data Recognition & Forensics.
  • Fully Decked Electronic Repair Equipment has been deployed to recover data in an economical  way in case of an electronic component or PCB Failure. We can retrieve Data From Broken & Damaged USB Drives & Mobile Phones.
  • With our Global Partner Network we have access to Donor Drives for all Makes & Models. This helps facilitating Head & Platter Swaps with Guaranteed Results unless there is a Severe Platter Damage. 

Precision Computers sets the industry standard affordable data recovery services in Brisbane. Our experienced engineers are well trained in data recovery, and we have a very high rate of success.  We aim to recover every bit of lost data quickly and efficiently so that our customers can get back up to speed as soon as possible. Our seasoned technicians understand how vital it is to remain in possession of your Hard Drive’s data, and will work tirelessly to ensure your data is recovered at the soonest possible time.


  1. Engineers call to get detailed information in order to assess  cause of data loss. 
  2. Free Evaluation of Media using Hardware & Software Data Recovery Tools. 
  3. Engineers provide a Report on your Free Evaluation & seek approval to proceed. 
  4. Necessary Repairs conducted to obtain a Drive Image.
  5. Recover & Verify Recovered Data.
  6. Advise Client on the Data Recovery Results
  7. Transfer Recovered Data to External Media Ready For Collection.  


Unfortunately Data Recovery being a complex process and costs vary depending upon the type of media and complexity involved. It is difficult to quote without assessing the drive. It can be as low as $195 for jobs that require simple data recovery from operational hard disk drives to a lot more for Complex Data Recovery for damaged hard disk drives or clustered drives in a Raid System. Our Free Evaluation & Assessment Process usually provides a good indication of the likely results and cost involved and they are 100% obligation free.

Affordable Data Recovery Services From $195

The table below will give you an idea of the costs involved with the type of data recovery required. This information is a guideline based on our 25 year data recovery experience.

Class 1 $195 - $295 Jobs with simple logical, firmware, or Drive Imaging problems
Class 2 $195 - $495 Complex jobs with Data Encryption, Firmware Repair, Sticking Heads.
Class 3 $395 - $895 PCB Repairs, Rom Programming & Complex Data Reconstruction.
Class 4 From $795 Head & Platter Repair / Replacements, Low End NAS, Simple Raid Arrays
Class 5 TBA Quoted Per Case: Complex Clean Rooms Jobs Damaged Platters & Raid Systems

Data recovery is a complex procedure and requires specialised expertise and costs can vary depending upon the recovery technique deployed. Here is more information on our Data Recovery Process and Costs based on our Experience. Our Free Evaluation & No Data No Fee applies for your peace of mind. 


RECOVER NOW - PAY LATER - Whether your Job Costs $195 or More, We now have a Flexible Payment Plan that lets you spread the repayments over a 6 Month Period Interest Free. Easy Online  Applications with Quick Approvals. APPLY FOR INTEREST FREE FINANCE

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With over 25 Years experience and High Success Rates we have got your Data Recovery needs covered. We are a Family Owned Brisbane based IT company operating since 1993.

  • Australian Owned & Operated.
  • High Success Rates Since 1993 - with over 25 Years Experience.
  • Qualified Data Recovery Engineers, Chief Engineer with Master's Degree (QUT).
  • Brisbane based In house Clean Room & Electronic Repair Laboratory.
  • Fully equipped Electronic Lab capable of conducting Off-Chip Replacement Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery Procedures using Proprietary Software programs for higher data success.
  • Large Selection of Donor Drives through our Global Partner Network.
  • NO DATA - NO FEE Policy. Total Peace Of Mind.
  • Fixed Price Jobs always quoted in advance so No Hidden Surprises.
  • Flexible Interest Free Payment Plans. Recover Now - Pay Later
  • Free Pickup & Return Australia Wide.   
  • Constant Investment in R & D offering the best technology to provide cost effective solutions.
  • Secure, Private & Confidential - We guarantee that your files will remain 100% private and confidential.
  • Offering 2 Convenient Locations in Brisbane.
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We can help you with Data Recovery Services or a Free Evaluation if you would just like a quote.

  • We accept failed/faulty drives from all over Australia.
  • Make sure your drive is packed it a well-padded REGISTERED post pack
  • Please don’t forget to include a Self Addressed Reply Paid Bag so we can Return your Media.
  • Please Ship to: Precision Computers, 4/20 Fortune Street, Geebung - QLD - 4034

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