E-Waste & PC Recycling


Precision E-Waste & PC Recycling Program

We offers true “end-of-life” recycling guaranteeing you secure and environmentally friendly disposition or re-use of your electronic & computer equipment. We specialise in the total reuse and recycling of redundant computer equipment, mobile phones and data storage devices under the collective heading – “E-Waste”. We have partnered with CDS Recycling to offer recycling & logistical services. We offer our clients a drop off service, reuse and recycle retired IT assets and electronics at our dedicated facilities in Brisbane.

4 STEPS - "Help the Community & Save the Environment"

  1. We will accept your old or unwanted equipment. 
  2. Repair or Refurbish when feasible.
  3. Redeployed or donated to eligible institutions. 
  4. Obsolete or End Of Life equipment is ethically recycled. 

E-Waste and IT Recycling Services

With the information technology explosion, businesses have adopted a multitude of electronic devices to streamline and automate business processes. When these products have outlived their useful life, they should be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner, compliant with all legal regulations for recycling e-waste.

Precision has the expertise and infrastructure necessary to facilitate the following:

  • E-waste disposal (Environmentally Responsible Manner)
  • Secure Data Destruction Services 
  • Refurbish and redeploy
  • Dismantle and recovery parts and components for reuse
  • Equipment that no longer has useful life is responsibly recycled

Our refurbishment and repair services address cosmetic defects, broken or missing components and testing the unit for functionality prior to redeployment. Memory or hard drive upgrades can provide cost effective performance boosts and help further extend the asset lifecycle.

Remarketing used equipment maximises return on investment (ROI) and minimises environmental impact. When assessing the resale potential of an IT asset, we consider the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition of the asset.

Secure Data Destruction Services

End-of-life IT assets contain sensitive data and confidential information, intellectual property, customer lists, trade secrets, accounting information, payroll records or credit card information. If this information is compromised, your company’s reputation is at risk.

Precision offers solutions to destroy digital data on magnetic, solid state and optical media for small and large projects. We support physical destruction of storage media and data erasure which enables safe hard drive reuse. Our secure data destruction services ensure all data is destroyed and irrecoverable, adheres to industry standards and include all documentation required for regulatory and corporate compliance. Certificate of Data Destruction is available.

Computer / Electronic Items that We Accept

  • Obsolete IT assets such as Computers & Laptops
  • End-of-life electronic equipment (e-waste)
  • Network equipment
  • Mobile phones & tablets
  • LCD / LED Screens & Monitors

Need Free Refurbished Equipment? Our Donation Program

Refurbished PC, Laptops & Printers (Subject to Availability) for eligible organisations. We will refurbish and upgrade donated equipment wherever feasible so it can be redeployed via our donation program. We would love see the technology put to use rather than going to landfill in order to save the environment.   

  • To Approved Charity or Aged Care Organisations 
  • Education or Child Care Institutions with Limited Funding