Apple Device Data Recovery

Precision Computers data recovery services for Apple products can assist you in recovering lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged files from your iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other Apple device. Our trained engineers can recover lost messages, pictures, contacts, music and files from Apple devices

Common Apple Data Recovery Scenarios can include – Deleted Files & Corrupted Partitions, Accidental File Overwrites, Mechanical Disk or Solid State Drive Failure showing a flashing question mark on start-up, Software Corruption etc.

There are a number of Mac compatible software data recovery applications available on the internet which may work. If your data is not very critical you may want to take a punt but if the data is important to you we strongly advise against it as the recovery software makes too many changes to the file structures trying to create raw files which tends to fill the drive making the second attempt of data recovery very difficult. You risk suffering from permanent data loss.

At Precision Computers our engineers trained to work on apple devices running high performance file system (HPFS). Our labs use forensic hardware equipment that can bypass corrupt operating system partitions and attack the data in raw format to make a successful data recovery.

Many Apple devices now feature a Fusion Drive which is a combination of Flash Storage and a regular hard drive. Flash storage, the same sort of non-volatile memory chips that you'll find in solid-state drives (SSDs), are rugged and much faster than traditional spinning hard drives.  This can at times complicate the data recovery process but saying that we at Precision Computers have had a very high success rate with fusion drives.  

If your Apple Device such as iMac, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro has developed a problem and you find you can no longer access your files, movies, photos, email or important documents Precision Data Recovery can certainly assist.

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