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Crypto Academy - Learn & Earn


Heard About Bitcoin, Ethereum And Other Countless Names Of Crypto Currencies?

Not sure on how, where to start this new technology to earn income for yourself?


We help Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Investors learn how to build active or passive income & investment through – Crypto Mining, Investing, Trading & Staking.

Using our Technical Expertise in Computing Hardware, Forensic Security & Finance, we will have you up & running in no time, saving time, costs, & possible pitfalls. There is no doubt that the crypto world can be overwhelming, confusing & intimidating at times.

Our bespoke scalable crypto consulting solutions will provide you with a tailor-made strategy that will fit your requirement & budget. With our in-depth knowledge & expertise in the crypto space, we can assist you with your crypto journey, whether it be Crypto Mining, Short Term Trading, Long term investments through currencies & platforms, Understanding De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) or Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT).

Our Academy includes Education & Consulting in the following areas:  

  • Crypto Mining - We help you design, build, set up and manage multi-coin crypto mining rigs. The intelligent way now is to build and own rigs that mine other cryptocurrencies and convert them into Bitcoin. Our advice and setup of mining rigs will help you mine the most cost-effective coins to grow your Bitcoin portfolio.
    • Strategise revenue, profits and ROI based on your hardware investment/
    • Remote Management & Support of crypto rigs
    • Learn how to tune your rigs for maximum profitability.
    • Master Multi-Rig Management to diversify GPU Mining.
  • Non-Fungible- Tokens (NFT): An NFT is a record on a cryptocurrency’s blockchain representing pieces of digital media. It can link not only to art but also to text, videos or bits of code. NFTs claim that they solve a problem with digital art to ensure authenticity. We can educate creators can now have platforms to upload their work or sell it as NFT. Collectors can also get on the bandwagon of exclusive claims on artwork and create an appreciating asset.
  • Master-Nodes: Learn to generate crypto passive income through this setup without any expensive hardware. This kind of setup requires a higher investment of the coins themselves and technical skills to set up and run the nodes. We help you save time and costly mistakes by helping you choose the right project and technical knowledge and skills.
  • Proof of Stake / Staking (POS): This is a new concept where you can earn interest by holding a particular cryptocurrency in a wallet that connects to the blockchain. You can earn interest from anywhere between (1%-10%) of the same crypto tokens by locking them up for a specific time.
  • Trading, Investing & Passive Income Strategies: We are only a few specialists based in Brisbane who has had experiences with multiple crypto exchanges since 2015. With the infancy of the crypto space, volatility & liquidity, the strategies involved in conducting White Paper Research, Fundamental & Technical Analysis is different to trading or investing in the stock market. We are very keen to educate the masses about the potential of this disruptive technology.
  • Trading Bots Setup - If you have been trading cryptocurrencies for a while and have a solid trading strategy, then setting up a trading bot is the way to go so you can generate trading profits while you work, play and sleep. We help you to build, set up and automate trading bots in the server of your choice.
  • De-Fi and Open Finance - This is another new concept set up to revolutionise the Banking and Finance industry. This technology, with the power of blockchain, is set to replace intermediaries and brokers. We can help you set up your bank to lend and borrow money without any third party.
  • Storage & Security: We will help you with the steps required to transfer your purchased cryptocurrency into your own Bitcoin/crypto wallet. We will explain the different types of wallets and their terminologies like hard/cold wallets and private/public keys.


  • Get into the World of Cryptocurrency and get lifetime updates at no cost while the Crypto Environment evolves.
  • This publication has the best information presented to you in one place. The information is a compilation through extensive research on the web, active participation in various crypto communities, published whitepapers and road maps, and constant input via our customer network who have purchased Crypto Mining Hardware from us.
  • We continuously research the environment and will provide regular updates at no charge as this environment evolves.
  • Incudes Free LIFE-TIME UPGRADES as the crypto space evolves.


crypto currency ebook


  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Rise of Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Investing and Earning Cryptocurrencies
  • Australian Taxation of Cryptocurrencies
  • Useful resources and links
  • Includes Free Updates as the industry evolves


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