The Definitive Guide to Free SEO Tools

The Definitive Guide to Free SEO Tools

Posted by Digital Marketing@Precision on 23 Mar, 2023

Who says ya got to spend money to get more traffic?

There are heaps of free SEO tools that can help ya drive more traffic. Sure, you might know of some, like Ubersuggest, but there are many more options than just my own tool.

Before I dive into the tools, I’ve broken them down into the following categories:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Rank Tracking

So, are ya ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

What Are SEO Tools?

SEO tools are software that works to help marketers improve their site’s visibility and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These tools can be utilised for a range of tasks.

If ya use SEO tools, ya can streamline keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimisation, backlink analysis, and more. Some examples of SEO tools include:

  • Keyword research SEO tools: Identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for a website with these tools.
  • Content marketing SEO tools: It’s important to note that these tools are best for identifying opportunities and tracking progress. They should be used with an extensive content marketing strategy and not as a replacement for creating high-quality and engaging content.
  • Technical SEO tools: Find and fix technical issues that may be impacting your site’s SEO.
  • Link building SEO tools: Help identify opportunities for link building and tracking progress.
  • Rank tracking SEO tools: These tools help track a website’s search engine rankings for specific keywords over time.

I’ll go over a list of multiple SEO tools out there that can help ya including, free SEO tools.

But let’s talk about why they’ll be a game changer for your SEO strategy.

Why Ya Need to Use SEO Tools

Ya wanna make sure your website is getting the traffic it deserves, and that’s why ya need SEO tools.

I get it.

It can be nerve-wracking trying to put together content people actually need and want to see.

With SEO tools, ya get an assistant, so to speak.

They’re easy-to-use and ya don’t have to compile results – the tools do it for ya. Don't expect these tools to substitute the knowledge and skills of an SEO specialist. What these can do is help ya get better insights and save time with the tedious tasks so ya can focus on what matters most.

The good news is that there are plenty of free SEO tools out there that can help ya identify problems with your site and figure out what kind of changes need to be made for better results.

So, let’s take a look at some of these tools so ya can start putting them into action.

Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research

All of the tools in this category will assist you in discovering more keywords. Many of them have different ways of coming up with keyword suggestions, so ya may want to check them all out.

SEO isn't limited to Google. You can also rank higher on Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and many other sites. works similarly to Google Suggest but focuses on sites like Amazon, Play Store, and YouTube. If you're performing SEO on sites other than Google, check out

The Keyword Tool interface.

Google Keyword Planner

Naturally, the popular search engine, Google, possesses its own tool for researching keywords - he Google Keyword Planner. The tool provides suggestions, CPC data, and click estimates. Many other keyword tools use CPC data from Google Keyword Planner. Look for terms with a high CPC, as they tend to convert well when you rank for them organically.

Google Keyword Planner.

Google Trends

I use Google Trends three to four times a week - it's my favourite tool on the list. Trends shows you what's currently trending and whether an industry is gaining or losing search volume over time. You can filter data by a specific country or view it from a global perspective.

Google Trends


Soovle expands on Google Suggest (autocomplete) and covers many popular sites around the web, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, and Getting a database of popular keywords will help you rank higher in the SERPs. You can easily find topics to base your content on with these popular keywords already in mind.

Soovle's interface.

AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator

The AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator is a simple tool that helps you get creative with your keyword research. Enter a handful of terms you want to target, and the tool will combine them to make different variations for you. Not all keywords will have high search volume, but the tool provides insight into how you can target long-tail variations within your site.

The AdWords and SEO Keyword Permutation Generator


Reddit has many categories (subreddits), and Keyworddit helps you find all the keywords within that subreddit. The tool breaks down the volume for each of those keywords, allowing you to quickly determine which are worth targeting. Using tools like this provides a new perspective on keyword research, helping you gain a leg up on the competition.

The Keyworddit page.

Bulk Keyword Generator

The Bulk Keyword Generator by Higher Visibility approaches keyword research differently than most tools. First, you pick a business category, select your business type, and enter any locations you're targeting. The tool then provides a list of potential keywords you can target. It's a simple tool, especially for those new to SEO.

Bulk Keyword Generator

WordTracker Scout

WordTracker Scout is a browser extension that provides keyword suggestions from any web page. It provides keyword ideas from other people’s use of keywords. The keywords are arranged according to relevance and volume.


For bulk keyword research, can be used to determine how popular each keyword is.

The interface.

Google Location Changer

SERanking's Google Location Changer tool can be used in conjunction with WordTracker Scout to find unique keyword suggestions.

The Google Location Changer homepage.

Keywords Everywhere

With Keywords Everywhere, users can access monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data from various websites.

Keywords Everywhere

Also Asked

Also Asked is a tool that helps marketers understand search intent by providing insights into the questions people ask in relation to their branded and non-branded keywords. The tool allows marketers to improve their content and demonstrate to search engines that their page is most likely the best result.

The AlsoAsked interface.

Free SEO Tools for Content Marketing

The Ubersuggest Content Ideas feature.

Free content marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Ubersuggest's Content Ideas, Hreflang Tag Generator, SEOPresser Title Generator, Title Capitalization Tool, and Grammarly can be used to improve the effectiveness of search traffic.

The Hreflang Tag Generator Interface
SEOPresser Title Generator's homepage.
The Title Capitalization Tool
Grammarly in action.

Google SERP Preview Tool

Google SERP Tool allows you to optimize pixel count and preview website appearance on Google.

Google SERP Tool


Buzzsumo is a cloud-based software that helps you find dynamic social and search engagement, content, and outreach options. It collects information on what topics receive the most attention by searching many social platforms.

Buzzsumo's homepage.


SpyFu helps you spy on competitors by conducting backlink outreach and competitive analysis, among other features.

Spyfu's interface.

Technical SEO Tools

Technical SEO can be tricky, but these tools can help you identify and fix technical issues that may be affecting your site’s search engine ranking.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you monitor and maintain your website's presence in Google search results, submit sitemaps, and identify and fix technical issues.

Google Search Console dashboard
Indexed pages from Google Search Console.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website crawler that can help you identify technical issues such as broken links, missing metadata, and duplicate content.

Screaming Frog's homepage

SEMrush Site Audit

SEMrush offers a site audit tool to identify technical issues and provides recommendations on how to fix them.

SEMrush site audit dashboard

SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer analyses your URL and identifies errors in each web page.

The Neil Patel SEO Analyzer.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer connects with your Google Analytics account and blocks the most common referral spam.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed Insights tells you what to fix for your site to load fast on any device.

Pagespeed Insights


Sitechecker provides a complete SEO audit report along with a specific checklist on how to optimize your website and rank higher on Google.

Website SEO checker & audit tool


Pingdom helps you pick a location to test your load speed and tells you what code on your site is causing the biggest slowdown.

Pingdom's interface.

Website Penalty Checker

Website Penalty Checker

Website Penalty Checker tells you if a Google update has caused your traffic to go up or down

Structured Data Markup Helper

Structured Data Markup Helper guides you through the implementation of schema mark up.

The Structured Data Markup Helper.


WooRank provides a website analysis, with a focus on top priorities and social shareability. Its mobile section is an outstanding feature.

The Woorank interface.
Geodata from Woorank.
Social shareability on Woorank.
The WooRank mobile section.


SEOptimer, like WooRank, offers a technical overview of on-page SEO and content, including page speed, and social sharing data.

SEOOptimer's interface.

301 Redirect Code Generator

The 301 Redirect Code Generator creates code to maintain rankings when changing URLs

301 Redirect Code Generator.

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps creates a sitemap for Google.

XML Sitemaps.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-Friendly Test checks a website’s mobile accessibility.

Mobile-Friendly Test


Lighthouse enhances web app performance and correctness

Lighthouse's interface. monitors website speed and performance metrics. in action.

Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace analyses redirects and Link Research Tools is useful for competitor analysis.

Link Research Tools


SEOlyzer helps monitor SEO KPIs in real-time


Redirect Path

Redirect Path is an HTTP header and redirect checker

Ayima Redirect Path
Ayima Redirect Path.


Browseo allows distraction-free reading of any webpage to identify SEO structure and relevancy.

Link Building SEO Tools

Link building SEO tools are crucial for obtaining high-quality backlinks.

These tools help identify link building opportunities and monitor progress.

Majestic Backlink Analyser

Majestic offers a range of features such as domain authority, referring domains, trust flow and citation flow.

Majestic backlink analysis dashboard


MozBar displays domain authority and page authority.

Mozbar's interface.

SEOgadget for Excel

SEOgadget for Excel allows data to be pulled from Majestic and Moz to aid research.

SEOgadget for Excel.


Backlinks displays all backlinks, showing whether they are dofollow or nofollow, and provides filtering options for research purposes.

The Backlinks tool's interface.

ClickMinded Domain Authority Checker

ClickMinded Domain Authority Checker allows the checking of domain and page authority for multiple URLs at once.

The Clickminded Domain Authority Checker.


Respona is a link building software that helps with scaling backlinks.

The Respona interface. provides contact information for link building opportunities.

Hunter for Chrome.


Whitespark offers a range of free Google SEO tools to improve ranking and track local SEO success.

Whitespark's interface.
A free checklist from Whitespark.

Rank Tracking SEO Tools

Bulk Google Rank Checker

Bulk Google Rank Checker provides real-time ranking data for up to ten keywords in different countries.

Google Rank Checker's interface.


Serprobot is a free online ranking checker for real-time website ranking positions.

Serprobot's interface.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these free SEO tools can help you streamline keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimisation, backlink analysis, and more.

Link building and keyword research are essential aspects of SEO. Using the right tools can make a significant difference in the success of your SEO efforts.

By using these tools, you can identify opportunities for link building, track your progress, and find profitable keywords for your business.

Investing in the right SEO tools can save you time, effort, and money in the long run and help you achieve your SEO goals.