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Data Recovery Services




We are able to recover more data from more failures due to our experience and investment in the latest technology. Our Chief Engineer has a Master's Degree in Computer Science with vast experience in Data Recovery & Forensics. We stock hard drive spare parts and a decent inventory of all major hard disk drives, we are also able to source spares from our dedicated global partners in the shortest possible time. We have been serving our clients’ needs and requirements Australia wide since 1993. When you trust your data recovery to Precision Data Recovery Brisbane, you know you are in good hands.


  • Software Data Recovery - Accidental deletion, File Corruption, Data Volume issues, Hard drive data recovery, USB flash drive recovery, SD card file recovery, Restore lost photos, Restore deleted files, External hard drive file recovery.
  • Data Imaging & Replication - Data building from corrupt volumes, Raw image Creation and Data Backup
  • Hardware Data Recovery - Firmware Repairs, Clicking Heads & Platter Exchange

Our Brisbane based Data Recovery Center provides data recovery services on damaged or faulty Hard Drives, Portable External USB Drives, Apple iPhone, iPad, Flash Cards and Solid State Drive (SSD) from reputed brands such as HP, DELL Computers, Apple computers including iMac and Mac Books. 

What should I do if my hard drive has stopped working?

Please stop using a faulty or damaged drive immediately to prevent further damage. The chances of a successful data recovery are higher at a lower cost depending on the type of damage and condition of the drive.  Please stop using the drive to save yourself time & money

Can any Computer Store or Technician do Data Recovery?

Data recovery is a job requiring special skills and expertise. It also requires specialized software tools and equipment.  If not done correctly it can cause irreparable damage and permanent data loss. Please research and choose your data recovery partner carefully. 

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service

  • We recover data from Hard Drives that have Stopped Working, Making Clicking Noises, Been through Fire, Water, Storm or Surge Damage or Accidental Damage (Dropped)
  • We provide data recovery services on all brands and types of hard disk drives including the most popular brands including Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Maxtor Hitachi, IBM and all types including USB, SATA, IDE, SSD, M2 SATA, SAS, and SCSI Drives.
  • We specialise in clicking hard drive data recovery which can be caused with firmware issues or head / motor failure. 
  • We use specialized imaging tools to extract data from bad sectors and can use selective head map for partial recovery in case of severe damage.

Clicking Hard Drive Data Recovery

Is your Hard Drive making a clicking sound ? Most people think that a clicking hard drive is an expensive repair. This is not always the case. Sometimes this can just be a corrupt firmware issue or Head Alignment.  Clicking hard drives can sometimes be recovered from as little as $190.00

IMPORTANT – If you have a clicking or ticking hard drive, do not power it up again as this can cause irreparable damage to the drive and in some cases make the recovery of your precious data virtually impossible. If you need the files recovered from the hard drive get it into a professional data recovery specialist as soon as possible.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery Service

  • Data Recovery Service can be provided if your SSD has stopped working or is No longer being detected. We recover data from all types of SSD including SATA, M2 SATA & PCIE-SATA interface.
  • Solid State Drives are a common part of Desktops, Notebooks, Fusion Drives in Apple iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro products. 
  • We have invested in the latest imaging tools & Chip Removal equipment to recover data from a damaged or faulty SSD.

USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

  • We can recover data from USB flash drive that has stopped working, is no longer being detected, is bent, broken, cracked or damaged. 
  • We can help with all brands and types of USB flash drives including Lexar, Verbatim, Corsair, Kingston and SanDisk, 
  • The cost of Data Recovery on USB Flash Drive starts from $95 for software problems and can cost a lot more depending on the design of drive and type of problem. 
  • Broken or Bent USB Flash drives need to be repaired before we can commence data recovery. 
  • Chip Removal is most expensive and time consuming process when it comes to recovering data from a USB Flash Drive.

Memory Flash SD Card Data Recovery Service

Is your Memory Flash Card suffering from any of following problems?

  • Flash card stopped working?
  • Not being detected?
  • Accidentally Erased / Deleted photos or videos?
  • File System not being recognized?
  • Windows or Mac Requesting a Re-Format on the Card?

If you are having any of the above symptoms please stop using the card as it can cause further corruption making the data recovery procedure complex and reduce the chances of a full data recovery.

We at Precision Computers can provide a full data recovery service recovering the lost photos, videos or files from the Memory Flash Card. We recover data from faulty and damaged memory cards on regular basis.

We specialize in data recovery service of photos and videos from all types of memory card types including:

  • SD Card, Compact Flash (CF) Card , MicroSD Card, SDHC Card, XD Card, Sony Memory Stick and all other types of memory flash cards.
  • The cost can range depending on the type of problem and type of memory chips used in the memory card.
  • We offer a free evaluation and quote service to confirm what type of problem it has.
  • We have the provision to remove the memory chips wherever possible and use professional chip readers to reconstruct the data. 

PC Hard Drive Data Recovery - Recover Deleted Lost Files 

Data recovery on lost or deleted files, accidental deleted data recovery, lost or damaged partition data recovery is logical in nature and does not require clean room data recovery or any donor drives for data extraction. The costs can vary from $395 ~ $695 depending the type of data recovery.  We offer a FREE EVALUATION to determine the fault and present you with the diagnosis and quote before performing any data recovery services.

Laptop Notebook Hard Drive (Disk) Data Recovery

Data can be recovered if you have a faulty / dead laptop or notebook. In most cases the hard disk drives are intact and data can be recovered at very nominal cost. These days Notebooks can have Standard SATA Drives, SSD (Solid Sate) Drives or Hybrid (Fusion) Drives. We carry a range of adaptors and caddies that can be used to transfer your personal data on an external drive. 

External Portable Hard Drive Data Recovery

External USB Hard drives essentially contain an internal drive with added protection in an enclosure. We specialise in retrieving your data from your damaged portable hard drive.  USB External hard drives can stop working if you knock or drop it or unplug when it's still running on the PC. Data can easily be corrupted when moving it between multiple computers or different operating system platforms. We have state of the art Data Imaging Tools to provide an option of Cheap Data Recovery.  

Clean Room HDD Repair and Data Recovery

We at Precision Computers have our own laboratory conducting Clean Room Hard Drive Repairs. Please keep in mind that it can be expensive exercise if this service is required. However if you have precious information, archives including lost years’ worth of photos and information it is an option that you may want to employ for data recovery. We have a large collection of Donor Drives and the Expertise to conduct head and platter replacements. 

APPLE iMac, MACBOOK, MACBOOK AIR, iPad & iPhone Data Recovery

We can recover data from your Apple devices including M2 SATA, Hybrid & Fusion Drives. We provide chip removal data recovery expertise on Apple iPad Tablets & iPhones.


Data Recovery is a complex process and it is difficult to quote without assessing the drive. It can be as low as $95 for jobs that require simple data recovery from operational hard disk drives, USB drives & SD Flash Cards and can range few thousand for complex Raid System Data Recovery. 

Below Table will give you an idea of the costs involved with the type of data recovery required. This information is a guideline based on our 24 year data recovery experience. 

Please keep in mind that there will be NO HIDDEN SURPRISES & WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH AN OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE before proceeding so you can decide whether it is worth to spend to get the data recovered. 

  • Class 1 Jobs - $95 ~ $195 Jobs which have simple logical, firmware, or Drive Imaging problems.
  • Class 2 Jobs - $195 ~ $395 Complex jobs with Data Encryption, Firmware Repair, Sticking Heads.
  • Class 3 Jobs - $395 ~ $895 PCB Repairs, Rom Programming and other Complex Problems (No Clean Room).
  • Class 4 Jobs - From $795 Clean Room Head & Platter Replacements, Low End NAS, Simple Raid Arrays.
  • Class 5 Jobs - Quoted Per Case: Complex Clean Rooms Jobs with Damaged Platters & Stripe Raid Systems

Special requests outside the above scope will be quoted on inspection. A $250 non refundable deposit is generally required on class 4 and 5 jobs to cover our clean room costs. This deposit is deducted from the final quote on successful data recovery.

In all above cases our "No Data no Charge Policy" will apply for your "Total Peace of Mind"


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